Organs in Erdély in past times


Already from the 13th century we can find descriptions of organs, and frescos about organs. Erdély’s organ-builder technology developed paralelly with that of the West-European. During the centuries there were always organ builders who could build new organs and take care of the existing ones at the same time. And there were organists of European niveau. The communism though brought a great turn. Due to the political situation the state expropriated everything. So the situation of the organs also changed. Going to church was prohibited. Organs were less and less used, there was hardly anyone who could maintain them, so they got in bad condition or damaged completely.




Nowadays situation changes. The communist government has been overthrown. People and church has to find their place again. So what is important and what is not? First organs seemed to be less important than others. Many churches tried to replace their organs with electric ones with the help of kindred churches. But there are countless churches, where beautiful, historical instruments are waiting for being saved from decay!

Organs in unthinkably bad condition!

Organs destined for giving the sermon its dignity!

Organs which are part of Erdély’s and also Europe’s history!




Today in Romania there are about 8 organ-builders.

In 2001 a national association of organ-builders has been established (A.O.R.). This has the mission of protecting our relic-organs of unskilled hands.


Ars poetica

Restoring organs in Erdély is our vocation and our duty!

We love and respect the organ. We think it has the right to confess God’s glory. We know, our pastors will appreciate again our ancestors’ work by understanding the importance of organs. 

We are really worried that these beautiful instruments ruin totally if we don’t consider their significance. Our sons and daughters should hear them peal in churches!


We have studied the organ building and restoration profession in France and Nederland between 1991-1994 and 1998-2003.

We have got 16 years experience since we are in Romania and we are about to satisfy all our clients at the western standards of the profession.